As you all already know, my guild is a very new one, we are almost level 8 when other guilds in the realm are level 21-22. Most guilds started leveling on december 7th, 2010, we started months later. I was always desiring to lead a guild but I was still deciding if I was going to put effort in this new expansion or not, and if I was going to stay in my realm or not after WoTLK passed away.

So our main issue was to level this guild up. I didn’t have time to read all at the beginning, this guild started just with me and Cliff, Cliff has been a good friend of mine in-game and he was in my previous guild (where I was GM too, and which I had to leave to change faction, so he followed me to my new faction).

Being only two of us, and no members, and having a level 1 guild, was hard to level up. The starting days we were not able to cap it. But last night I saw how our guild finally capped the guild experience daily cap relatively early. And the day before too, it’s getting easier. Last night we finally reached level 8 and now we have hearthstone cooldown of 15 mins. Now I have to set my next goal perk.

I don’t know how we managed this, but we are doing it, slowly but firmly, I see guilds with 200 members that are ahead of us in leveling but we already have 600+ members so we should be able to catch em up. I invested a lot of gold and effort into this guild already and I want it to be the biggest in my realm.

So I’d say cheers for level 8 guild perk guys from Best Guild Name Ever, in 1 month we’ve gone very fast, now let’s keep rocking.

On other news, I didn’t fullfill my guild reputation weekly cap, I left it last night at 90%, but that’s enough for me to get to revered this week and with that the united nations achievement! I’m doing all my dailies and doing lot of groups with guildies for random dungeons, the more guildies I have in the group the more reputation I get, so I encourage everyone in the guild to group together. I think that’s all, feel free to criticize me or just comment about what I’m writing here.