One of the unique things about our guild is that when i started it I wanted to have a lot of officers and make it easier for the common guy that joins the guild at level 1 to become officer. Now our system is very simple, you must reach revered reputation with guild in order to be promoted to officer. Of course some friends and people I trust are already officers although they are not revered with the guild yet. I’m getting revered this week myself after 5 weeks (the 6th week just started yesterday) of the existence of the guild.

So there are some guys that are very close to revered already, and in order to promote them to officers they should reach the revered status and inform me. Now if you are a guildie and you are reading this, please make sure to let me know your reputation status, if close to revered or at least early honored, to be aware who’s in the final lap of the race to become one of our officers.

If you are not a guildie and you’re reading this then please comment about our guild promotion system and give me feedback and share your own guild promotion system with me.