New Mount released in patch 4.1 in World of Warcraft, Winged Guardian

Hello everyone in Azeroth,

Today I was sitting at my desk at work while a normal day was passing through in front of my eyes. But suddenly several sites posted the new incoming content for the World of Warcraft’s latest patch 4.1

One of the things I liked first, was the Amani Bear available again, after they removed the bear back in patch 3.0

Old Amani Bear:

New Amani Bear:

They have the same model just different colour, and is the best looking model for a bear ever. So finally I’ll have a chance at this bear 🙂

Also they are introducing a new pay-per-ride mount, after the Celestial Steed they bring us now the Winged Guardian, now this mount has no precedent, this is not a new color winged lion modeled after a previous ingame mount, no ladies and gentlemen, this mount is the first of its kind, the one and only winged lion, as you see in the picture above it looks awesome and will be the perfect mount for leveling chars now.

These two mount announces are what I wanted to remark among many other changes and updates posted in and MMO-Champion.

For more information about the latest update of today for patch 4.1 of World of Warcraft check the links below:

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