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The most beautiful raid of Classic WoW

The most beautiful raid of Classic WoW

Last night one of my guild members, Eogphased, lead the guild through an old school classic raid, the Temple of Ahn Qiraj. I couldn’t get online to participate and they could get down the first five bosses in there. When she told me that this morning I answered “I’m proud of you guys, that’s the most hard raid alive from classic WoW”. They showed a good effort as team and worked together their path through the Temple.

You certainly need to know what you are doing when you go into that place, after so many years you can still wipe a whole raid in any fight if you don’t know what you have to do.

It’s a really beautiful place to visit, only challenged in design by the extinct Naxxramas-40-man.

So tonight, this friday night, I will complete what the guild started and we will down C’thun and some guildie is gonna get the eye of C’thun, will post screenshots of the events.

Also I made my calculations and we should be getting Guild Perk 8 by monday evening.

Have any of you participated in last night Ahn Qiraj raid with the guild? Was it your first time inside? What did you like the most?


Yes! Our one month old Guild reached the 7th perk today, in the morning. Now we are going to rush to get to the 8th perk this sunday or monday, depends of the guild daily cap and the effort of our 500+ current members.